Easter Egg Nests

Easter Egg Nests

Easter Egg Nests

Hello all!!

I’ve been pretty busy with school lately so I haven’t had a chance to do my usual weekly baking! However, I’ve been home for Easter break so I thought I’d make something fun and easy for the Easter season! I found these cute little pretzel snacks on Pinterest and you can find the original link here:


This recipe calls for some different things than I used, like square pretzels and resse’s mini eggs. I just made due with what was available at my local grocery store so I went with regular pretzels, almond bark, and Easter peanut and peanut butter M&M’s. It would work with any small chocolate candy, but the pastel colors are a must!!

So really all you need to do is set out some waxed paper, line up your pretzels and melt your almond bark. Once you have it all laid out, just go to work spooning on about a teaspoon of almond bark and sticking your candy on top. You’ll want to do it one at a time so your “egg” will stick into the almond bark. After the almond bark is hardened, these things are ready to eat!


Pretzels on wax paper


Finished egg nests!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!


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